40W 48W 50W 54W 60W 75W 90W LED Driver 1500mA 1200mA 900mA 600mA 450mA 54-96V 18-39V 12-25V Lighting Transformers Power Supply


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Brand Name: LCFOCUS

Origin: Mainland China

Output Signal: DC (for Spotlight/Floodlight/E27/GU10/Ceiling Lights/Lamp/Bulbs)

Output Voltage: 12-25V/18-39V/54-96V/36-65V

Material: PCB Board / Plastic Case / Aluminum Case

Plug Type: EU

Certification: UL

Certification: CCC

Certification: ce

Certification: FCC

Features: 2100mA 1800mA 1500mA 900mA 600mA Adapter

Input Signal: AC

Input Voltage: AC 85-277V ( Isolation Internal External LED Driver)

Item Type: Lighting Transformers

Warranty: 2 years ( Switch for DIY Light Lamp High Power LED Chips

Weight: 200g

Model Number: LC-60CCHF SERIES

Type: PCB Board / Plastic Case / Aluminum Case

Item: Power Adapter for 50W 54 60 75 90 W Watt ( Constant 600mA )

Notice: Can’t use for constant voltage 12V led (LED Strip,G4,Bar Lamp etc.)

PCB Board Size: 110x32x23mm

Plastic Case Size: 140x45x28mm

Aluminum Case Size: 140x37x29mm

Efficiency: > 90%

Power Factor: > 95%

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